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  1. I booked ShutterQube for a work event a few weeks ago. Not only was I impressed by how many people could actually fit in the picture, but by the quality of the photos! The pictures were vibrant, and printed so quickly! Its efficiency decreased the wait time and we were still able to put everyone in the photo. I always hated cramming into a small booth so this was perfect. I will definitely book them again!

  2. They were amazing as my photo booth for our wedding! I am so happy that I hired them!! Everyone is still talking about how much fun it was to have them and I still love looking at the pictures!!

    They were great to work with through the planning process and quick to answer questions. Even though this review says they are in Austin, I think that is their main office, they provided the service for my wedding in Houston. They were on time and set up when guests came into the reception to start taking photos!
    They provided super fun props to get more creative pictures! I loved their photo booth design, very sleek and clean. I chose them because of this, I didn’t want an actual booth that you could only fit 3 or 4 people into. They had a back drop and the camera and printer were in a cool looking designed box that had a touch screen for the people to use. The booth attendants were really friendly and fun! They also helped maintain my photo book that I provided (I made a special one that I wanted to use). The attendants made sure that a copy of each picture made it into the book and that my guests signed around their picture! I am so happy with it all. Also, the pictures were put online super quick which made it even more fun for my guests to view and realize some of the crazy pictures they took!
    So happy with them, thank you for the great service! I would highly recommend!!!

  3. Recently I went to a wedding where these guys were setup. This concept definitely turned an otherwise boring group of people into some of the most entertaining bunch I have been around in a long time. The “props” that were provided had my gut in knots from all the laughing. Between the funny faces and the chicken fights, we spent hours coming up with new ideas to make our time at the wedding reception very memorable. If I am invited to another wedding I will probably put the Shutterqube as my +1.

  4. ShutterQube rocks! Not only is their staff super friendly, but very personable too! Everyone at our wedding had a such a good time dressing up in all their various costumes, accessories, and masks- even our older, more conservative guests!
    I also love the fact that all of our photos were available online too. This was awesome for those of us that took pictures with multiple people in it- having the pics online allowed all of us to save a personal copy for ourselves. On top of that, ShutterQube goes above and beyond to create this super fun slideshow of all of our pics from the evening which was a blast to look through, laugh at, and “remember”!
    The BEST photo booth company! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 🙂

  5. My wife and I were very please with ShutterQube at our wedding. We really enjoy the quality of the photos that come out, as well as the props and experience of it. Photos came out really quickly. The props were up-to-date and fun for kids and adults.
    We had Billy who oversaw our booth. He was very friendly and accommodating to us and our guests. Was very relaxed about our event despite the fact that we had so many kids.
    I would recommend this for any event, especially a wedding.

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